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Sticking Windows & Doors

Have you noticed sticking doors and windows throughout your house? Before you reach for the toolbox, discover how the real problem may be linked to a settling foundation.

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If you live in a newly constructed house, it’s true that your sticking windows and doors could be a result of poor craftsmanship. However, if your house is several years old and sticking windows and doors are a new problem, the culprit may be a settling foundation or damaged crawl space supports. At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we often use foundation piers or IntelliJacks to restore the structural integrity of your home and make opening doors and windows a breeze. If you notice any signs of foundation settlement or crawl space damage, call AquaGuard today to schedule your free foundation inspection and receive a complimentary estimate!

Common Issues with Sticking Windows & Doors

Not every instance of sticking doors and windows is caused by foundation or crawl space settlement. With that being said, a free inspection from AquaGuard can restore your peace of mind and give you the opportunity to diagnose a problem when it’s the most cost-effective to repair. 

If you notice any of the following issues with your doors or windows, call AquaGuard to speak with one of our foundation experts about your next steps: 

  • You have to use extra strength to open and close windows
  • Doors don’t seem to fit in their frame or won’t open and close correctly
  • Floors are uneven and sagging
  • Diagonal cracks extend from window and doorframes

How to Fix It:

While there are many issues that can lead to sticking windows and doors, the two most common foundation-related causes are settlement and crawl space supports that have settled, shifted, or deteriorated.

Foundation piers can be used to repair settlement issues, while SmartJacks are a good solution for sagging floors over crawl spaces.

Symptoms Of Sticking Windows And Doors

We depend on windows and doors for ventilation, security, and aesthetic appeal. So when they don’t operate correctly or don’t look good because of skewed openings or cracks around openings, it’s clear that something must be done. Below are images of windows and doors we’ve encountered that have been damaged due to foundation issues.

What Causes Windows And Doors To Stick Or Jam?

Cracks that extend along window and door openings can be a symptom of a much larger foundation settlement issue. If ignored, it’s possible that the foundation problem that caused these cracks will get worse, potentially leading to more severe damage to your home.

Window and door cracks that are connected to foundation problems have two common sources:

  • 1. Settling Foundations 
  • 2. Sinking Crawl Space Supports

Identifying The Source Of Window & Door Issues

Potentially Caused By:

  • Structural Problem
  • Crawl Space Structural Issue
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Jamming Exterior Or Entryway Doors
  • Jamming Interior Doorways
  • Sticking Windows
  • Cracks Along Windows and Entryway Doors
  • Cracks Along Interior Doorways
  • Sinking, Sagging Floors

Which is Which?

When pinpointing what kind of foundation repair you’ll need, it’s important to note whether the visible problem in your home is centered around the interior of the structure or the exterior.

If you have exterior cracks or jamming doors and windows, then the problem is most likely not sinking crawl space supports. These cracks are most often caused by foundation settlement.

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