Protect Your Basement with a Drainage System

While there are many different basement waterproofing products available, a drainage system is key to stop the water right at the entrance point. Most water intrusion happens at the wall-floor joint, so you need something to prevent it from entering right from the source. A perimeter drainage system is your basement’s first defense at stopping water intrusion from the wall-floor joint. It is installed along the perimeter of your basement, collects any water that enters, and directs it to your sump pump.

While an exterior drainage system can also be effective, it can disrupt your landscaping and is typically more expensive and takes longer to install compared to an interior drainage system. 

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Basement drains come in many shapes and sizes, some of which work better than others. Basement drains also have many names, including drain tile, weeping tile, French drain, interior footing drain, and other names.

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How Interior Basement Drainage Systems Work

The main purpose of an interior drainage system is to capture any water before it ever enters your basement. In order to do this, the drain is installed along the perimeter of your basement floor where water is then collected and channeled to your sump pump to be discarded outside. An interior drainage system is your basement’s first defense from any water intrusion and is an essential part to any waterproofing system. 

AquaGuard’s Perimeter Drainage System: AquaStop BasementGutter™

There are many different perimeter drainage systems available on the market, but our experts at AquaGuard only offer our customers the best. We install the AquaGuard BasementGutter™ perimeter drainage system because of its anti-clogging features and easy maintenance. Its unique design includes spacer channel holes that collect all water coming in from the walls or the ground, ensuring that all water is captured before it ever enters your basement. 

Benefits of AquaGuard’s Basement Drainage System

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Anti-Clog Drainage

Drainage systems are built in many different ways. A lot of drainage systems have small gaps where the drain meets the floor, which allows debris to clog the system. Our drainage system sits on top of the floor footing to prevent any mud or debris from clogging the system.

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Frozen Discharge Line System

During winter months, any exterior drain or discharge line is susceptible to freezing and causing the system to backup and potentially flood your basement or crawl space. To keep this from happening, it’s important to protect your discharge lines from freezing. Our system is designed to easily allow water to escape so that it does not back up and cause problems. It’s also all automatic with no valves to turn, making it easier on you.

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Built-In Wall Drainage

Water can enter your basement in several different ways. If you have cracks in your walls, water can easily intrude and cause extensive water damage. Our wall drainage system allows water to easily drain from the walls and is compatible with wall vapor barriers to give you the ultimate protection.

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Contacting Your Basement Waterproofer

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service from the first call onward. When you contact us for a free waterproofing quote, you can count on a friendly, trained representative to answer right away—without having to navigate through a clumsy automated system. We’ll set you up with an appointment that’s based on your schedule.

If you’re not available during a weekday, many of our specialists have also made themselves available during evenings and weekends. We want to schedule our visit when it’s convenient for you.

Before Our Visit

Before visiting, our staff will send you a personal profile of your system design specialist.

Basement waterproofing is something you only want to do once. When you make an appointment with one of our certified system design specialists, you’ll learn what the best options are to turn your wet basement into dry, usable space.

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Meeting with Your Specialist

Your system design specialist will be a knowledgeable, skilled, and well-trained expert in the field. Your specialist works with wet basements every day and will be able to answer all your questions about basement waterproofing and crawl space repair.

The cost of waterproofing a basement or drying a crawl space depends on how you customize your solution—no two jobs are ever the same! What you will not experience are high-pressure sales tactics or prices that suddenly drop ten to fifty percent over the course of the visit. Our personable, professional representatives know that our products speak for themselves and we work off of a published price list.

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The Basement Waterproofing Installation Process

One of the best things about having us waterproof your basement is that we do it all! Our installation crews are trained to install all of our wet basement solutions, including sump pumps, drainage systems, dehumidifiers, windows, and options for your walls and floors.

In most cases, the full installation will be finished in less than two days, and your basement or crawl space can be used immediately after the installation is complete. You’ll be surprised by the skill, speed, and flexibility of our team of waterproofing professionals.

Follow-up from Our Office

Our service to you does not end the day we complete the installation. At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we like to follow up a few days after the work is completed to make sure that everything was complete the way it was proposed.

If you have any feedback or issues, we want to hear about it. And when the time comes to service or upgrade your system, you’ve created a business relationship with a stable, established company who is there whenever you need us!

We’d like to help you transform your dark, damp, musty basement into the extra floor of usable, dependable space it’s meant to be. Don’t wait to reclaim your basement space. Call or email us today for a free waterproofing quote!