In the same way we wouldn’t use a hammer to pound in a screw, we wouldn’t use generic piping to waterproof a basement. This just goes to say that the same solution doesn’t work for every problem. At Aquaguard Foundation Solutions, we have specialized basement drainage systems that we customize for your unique problem. No matter what that problem might be, we’ll help you find the drainage solution you need to create dry, usable spaces in your basement or crawl space. For a free basement waterproofing quote in Decatur, Marietta, Atlanta, and nearby, call or email us today! Our installations only take 1-2 days.

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What is a French Drain System?

Like french fries, the french drain doesn’t actually have anything to do with the country of France. Though it might sound fancy, a french drain is actually just a gravel-filled trench containing a perforated pipe. The purpose of this pipe is to carry groundwater away from your home’s foundation and to a more desirable place for water to collect, like a storm drain. By directing the flow of water, a french drain prevents water from pooling in low spots and around your foundation walls.

Drawbacks of French Drains as Interior and Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

The biggest drawback of both exterior and interior french drains is how easily they can clog. Because the drains are carrying groundwater, dirt and sediment are bound to seep into the drain. This is even an issue for interior french drains, as the drain still touches the soil. Over time, this sediment builds up, disrupting the flow of water and eventually backing the drain up completely. When this happens, the entire drainage system must be dug up and cleaned or replaced.

The WaterGuard® Drainage System

As our most popular drainage system, WaterGuard® is the ideal solution for most basement waterproofing applications. The WaterGuard® system is innovative, and unlike old-fashioned french drain systems installed on the outside of the home, WaterGuard® is installed just underneath the perimeter edge of the basement floor. It works by capturing all wall and floor water seepage via inlet holes before it makes it to your basement floor, then flowing through the drainage pipe to your sump pump. 

Don’t Settle for Waterproofing Solutions that Clog

Discovering your waterproofing system is failing only when you wake up to a flooded basement certainly isn’t ideal. Why take the risk? The patented design of the WaterGuard® system guarantees against clogging with silt or roots, as the system sits atop your foundation’s footing. To hold us to our promise, we include a 20-year warranty against clogs with your WaterGuard® installation!

Other Benefits of the WaterGuard® Drainage System

  • Collects any water that seeps through walls with a 3/8th-inch wall flange.
  • Allows groundwater to enter the drain through channel holes.
  • The large-diameter channel won’t crush or kink like a standard plastic french drain system.
  • Except for a small upper portion of the wall flange, a layer of concrete will hide the drainage channel, so it’s hardly noticeable! 
  • Installed in as little as 1-2 days.
  • Installation causes no structural damage to your home.
  • Can be installed year-round. 

french drain with waterguard

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At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we provide the ideal drain for your home’s individual needs. If you’ve had leaks, mold growth, or other problems in your basement, call us today to get a free estimate on basement drain installation. We offer all our basement waterproofing services in Atlanta, Marietta, Decatur, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Sandy Springs, Norcross, Stone Mountain, Gainesville, Roswell, Athens, and throughout the surrounding areas.