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Floor Gaps

If you notice gaps forming between the walls and floors in your home, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your foundation. These gaps not only look unsightly but can turn into serious structural issues if left unchecked. At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we have over 25 years of experience assessing and repairing foundation problems like floor and wall gaps. 

What Are Floor Gaps? 

Floor and wall gaps refer to visible spaces or cracks that develop between the floor and walls inside your home. You see floor gaps when the floor pulls away from the baseboards. The gaps usually start small but expand over time as the underlying foundation issue worsens. 

Floor gaps should not be ignored. They indicate that your foundation is damaged and can no longer properly support the structure of your home. 

Some other common signs of foundation damage that accompany floor and wall gaps include: 

At AquaGuard, we have advanced solutions to fix your floor gaps for good. 

What Causes Floor and Wall Gaps? 

There are several issues that can cause the floors in your home to separate from the walls: 

Foundation Settlement 

The most common reason is foundation settlement. As the soil underneath your home becomes uneven, it can no longer properly support the foundation. This causes sections of the foundation to sink or settle at different rates, resulting in cracks and gaps between the floors and walls. 

Damaged Floor Joists 

If your home sits over a crawl space and the floor joists within it are deteriorating (either from over spanning or moisture damage like wood rot), they will start sagging. This can create visible gaps between floors and walls as support for flooring failures. 

Expansive Soils 

Certain types of soils like clay can greatly expand and shrink with changes in moisture content. During wet periods, swelling clay soils under your home can push foundations upward, while shrinkage creates voids allowing sinking. This cyclic soil movement strains structures, resulting in floor and wall gaps. 

Can You Fix Floor Gaps? 

Floor and wall gaps can definitely be repaired, but the specific solutions depend on the underlying cause. Simply patching over the gaps without addressing foundation issues will only temporarily mask the problem. 

How to Fix Floor Gaps 

At AquaGuard, our team of foundation repair experts will fully inspect your home and determine the source of the floor and wall gaps. We will then develop a customized plan to repair your foundation using advanced techniques like: 

  • Foundation Piers: Installed underneath sinking foundations, our SettleStop™ foundation piers transfer the home’s weight to more stable soil. There are two main types of piers: helical and push piers. These underpinning methods permanently support and potentially lift the foundation to close gaps. 
  • Crawl Space Supports: Adjustable IntelliJack™ crawl space support posts are installed beneath failing floor joists to permanently support floors and possibly help lift them. 

With 25+ years of experience, AquaGuard has the expertise to choose the right solutions to permanently fix your home’s floor and wall gaps. 

Why Address Floor and Wall Gaps Now? 

It is important to repair floor and wall gaps as soon as they appear because: 

  • Prevent Further Damage – Unrepaired gaps can worsen and cause serious structural failures like collapsed walls or floors. 
  • Avoid More Expensive Repairs – More damage means more money. Settling for temporary fixes doesn’t save you anything; in fact, they can often make your problems worse. 
  • Avoid Other Issues – Open gaps allow moisture and pests to get to your foundation, causing mold, wood rot, and infestations. 
  • Improve Comfort – Gaps make it hard to control indoor climate and lead to uncomfortable drafts plus higher energy bills
  • Protect Property Value – Unaddressed foundation problems that cause gaps will lower your home’s value significantly. 

Floor and wall gaps indicate underlying foundation deficiencies that will only become more severe and costly to fix over time. Get ahead of the issue now by contacting the foundation repair experts at AquaGuard for a permanent solution. 

Choose AquaGuard for Floor Gap Repair 

Don’t wait! If you see concerning gaps developing between the walls and floors in your home, don’t ignore the signs of foundation damage. AquaGuard has reliable, custom-engineered solutions to repair floor and wall gaps by stabilizing your foundation. 

Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and learn about our affordable financing options. Our foundation repair experts will thoroughly assess your home, explain the best solutions, and help you find a payment plan that easily fits into your budget. Protect your most valuable investment and gain peace of mind about your home with AquaGuard. 


Wider gaps, sticking doors and windows, cracks in drywall, and uneven floors signal your gaps are expanding. Get a professional inspection if you notice these issues. 

Most minor floor and wall gaps can be repaired in 1-2 days once a plan is designed. Severe foundation damage causing gaps may take 1-2 weeks to fully stabilize and repair. 

No, simply patching over gaps with caulk or foam does not address the underlying foundation damage causing them. DIY repairs don’t work. Only structural foundation repairs will permanently stabilize your home.

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