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Cracked Chimney

Cracked chimney repair throughout Atlanta and North Georgia.

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Shifting soils in the ground can cause your foundation to shift and wreak havoc on your home. As your foundation is impacted from the shifting soils, it can result in harmful impacts to your chimney as well. Most of the cracks occur in brick chimneys in the mortar joints, which are the weakest part of the chimney. Unfortunately the issue will likely get worse if left untreated, but can be easily fixed if caught early enough.

Contact AquaGuard Foundation Solutions to schedule your free inspection for a cracked chimney. We service customers throughout Georgia including Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, Alpharetta & many surrounding areas.

Cracked Chimney Solutions

Depending on the severity of the crack, there are multiple solutions available to repair it. For smaller cracks, they may just need a sealant and a chimney cap to extend the life of your chimney. For bigger cracks, it may be a sign of larger foundation issues that might need to be repaired in order to get your chimney back into shape.

Let the experts at AquaGuard provide a free inspection to give a repair recommendation. Contact us today.

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