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Sinking Foundation

Are you seeing signs around your home that look like your foundation is sinking? Sticking doors and drywall cracks throughout your home are just a couple of these sorts of signs. These might seem small at first, but a sinking foundation demands urgent attention before further damage occurs. 

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we know how to accurately diagnose and permanently fix sinking foundation issues. With industry-leading products and expertise, we restore structural integrity to protect your most valuable investment—your home. 

What Is a Sinking Foundation? 

A sinking foundation refers to a foundation that is settling unevenly into the ground. This unequal sinking of parts of the foundation is called differential settlement. It’s caused when the soil under parts of the foundation cannot evenly support the weight of the structure. 

Sinking foundations are often characterized by a few key problem signs which include: 

If left unaddressed, a sinking foundation can lead to extensive structural damage and safety hazards. 

What Causes a Sinking Foundation? 

There are a few key reasons a foundation may start to sink: 

  • Soil expansion: Water saturating the soil around your home expands it, and when it evaporates the soil contracts again. This movement slowly creates voids around and underneath your foundation. 
  • Poor drainage: Excess moisture in the soil causes it to expand and contract. Over time, this destabilizes the foundation’s support. 
  • Insufficient compaction: Improperly compacted soil collapses under the weight of the structure. 
  • Clay soils: Clay naturally expands when wet and shrinks when dry. This cycle strains the foundation over time. 
  • Nearby trees: Tree roots steal moisture from the soil, causing shrinkage and gaps under the foundation. Certain trees can also penetrate your foundation if they’re growing too close to your home. 

Can You Fix a Sinking Foundation? 

Yes, a sinking foundation can be fixed! The key is using proven foundation repair methods to stabilize and reinforce it before damage worsens. 

It might be tempting to look for a DIY method in order save money, and in many home projects, that’s ideal. But that’s not the case with foundation repair. At best, DIY approaches like patching only provide temporary relief for symptoms; at worst, they can exacerbate your problems and make permanent repair more expensive and intrusive. 

How to Repair a Sinking Foundation 

To permanently solve foundation settlement, AguaGuard installs subsurface foundation piers which reach down to bedrock and support your home. These foundation piers transfer the home’s weight below problem soils. 

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions offers several types of foundation piers to stabilize and potentially lift sinking foundations: 

  • Push piers are driven deep into the ground by heavy machinery. 
  • Helical piers screw into the earth to support your home. 
  • Slab piers attach beneath sinking concrete slabs. 

Why Address Sinking Foundations Now? 

It’s crucial to have your sinking foundation evaluated and repaired promptly—before the problems you have now get worse. Here are important reasons to act now: 

  • Prevent further structural damage that is more expensive to fix 
  • Restore the structural integrity and safety of your home 
  • Avoid cracks widening and additional uneven settling 
  • Stop sticking doors and windows from getting worse 
  • Increase stability before selling your home 

Don’t wait—contact the sinking foundation repair experts at AquaGuard to schedule a free inspection. Get peace of mind knowing your home’s foundation is solid. 

Contact AquaGuard for Sinking Foundation Solutions 

If you suspect your home’s foundation is sinking, contact AquaGuard Foundation Solutions today. Our professional team will inspect your foundation and recommend solutions to permanently stabilize your home. 

We know that foundation repairs are scary: it’s the same feeling when your car breaks down—but worse! We know the dread of spending a lot on repairs because we’re homeowners too, but that’s why we provide flexible financing plans to lift not just your foundation, but the financial burden of repairs. 

With 25+ years of experience, we have the expertise to accurately diagnose any foundation problem and provide effective, warranted repairs. Schedule your free inspection and estimate today! 


Signs of a sinking foundation may include sticking doors and windows, uneven floors, and cracks in drywall or brick throughout the home. 

Uneven foundation settling, also known as differential settlement, can be caused by soil erosion, poor drainage, insufficient compaction, clay soils, and nearby trees. 

To fix a sinking concrete slab, slab piers can be installed beneath the slab to provide stabilization and potentially lift the slab back into place. 

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